Swept Away

Good grief! Time seems to pick you and and toss you around doesn’t it? Well I’m still hammering away at Ch. 2. I really want a polish from it and I’m working on making boring parts more interesting by adding emotions and thought in leu of the advise from my wise wife. But, to anyone out there who reads this and writes themselves here is a neat little secret I discovered when testing out writing applications for mac. The parts of your book can be divided into 4 personas. The Orphan, the Wanderer, the Warrior, and the Martyr. This made so much sense to me when I figured it out! The Orphan is where your character starts, its why we care about him. The Wanderer is where the character goes to discover himself. The Warrior is after the character finds something to stand for. And the Martyr is when the character is tested and has to sacrifice something dear to him. Hope this helped your writing as much as it is mine!


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I am a man of many passions. God, my wife, and writing are just a few. I want to share with you humanity through literature. My two blogs are Sword in Hand and Real Time Religion. View all posts by moorewriting

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