Good News then Better!

So the good news is… I’m back, the better news is I’m excited! I don’t know if any of you have experienced this but when you take a reprieve from a piece whether it be writing or art, I have done both, and you come back energized and ready to go? Well I have! After taking a few days off just working and resting I have sat down excited about writing. Now I know there’s discipline to be had when it comes to writing but I think it’s healthy to take these breaks to avoid burnout. So buckle your seat belts because Ch. 2 is coming in a burst of torchlight!


About moorewriting

I am a man of many passions. God, my wife, and writing are just a few. I want to share with you humanity through literature. My two blogs are Sword in Hand and Real Time Religion. View all posts by moorewriting

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