The Fight

The four soldiers pursued him up the stairs. They broke their tight formation trying to gain on Elias from both sides to surround him, but his speed kept him just out of reach of their blades. Without any ranged weapons they would have to catch up with him. Elias turned to check his opponents, slowing him just enough to let the closest put on one burst of speed to reach him.

Halfway to the High Terrace the sound of metal clashing echoed over the top of the city below. Elias drew his blade and repelled the Caligas’ own, he came at him several more times with deft speed but they were all deflected. With a swift kick Elias sent him off balance and skipping towards the others who were seconds behind. One of the three caught him and started their chase again.

Elias sprung upward, scaling the last five feet of steps to turn and face the men. All but the middle man hesitated, he dashed up the stairs only to be met with a flash of steel. The man tried to keep Elias’ pace but as soon as he had arrived he had fallen wounded down several stairs. The others paced themselves, making sure to not face him head on. They circled him, but before they coordinated a strike Elias broke their chain, charging one to send him backpedalling frantically trying to keep Elias’ blade out of his flesh.

The soldiers realized there was no doubt they were out skilled, but they still had him outnumbered. This time the two remaining struck out together. Elias spun around to meet them, he deflected their weapons in a flurry of steel but they came back just as quickly. Sweat tightened Elias’ leather armor and forced him to keep focus, the others struggled to force him backwards.

Suddenly Elias heard footsteps as the third soldier ran at his back to strike him down. Elias let out a howl pushing back the two facing him and spun; the man behind him continued in motion right through we’re Elias was just standing, his allies had to evade his blade, and Elias’ pommel struck him in the back of the head. He landed with a thud between the other two soldiers. They let out a simultaneous growl and charged him. The one on Elias’ left came low while the other leapt into the air with a downward chop. Elias met them halfway; he jumped over the low man’s slice push kicking him in the head, and thrust him blade through the leaping man’s side. The kick immediately produced a distant expression as the soldier slid in the grass. The other man slid up Elias’ blade landing on his shoulder as Elias helped propel him over. A non-lethal wound if he’s treated.


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