Today I was thinking about my own scenes in my writing and I recalled this little gem that I need to put in to action more often.

When writing a scene, ask yourself how is this relevant?

If you can’t answer this then you probably shouldn’t have that scene to begin with. The scene should provide some level of relevant insight into character, plot, or setting. Here’s an example:

Cale kicked dirt into the fire snuffing it, and gazed out into the distance. With arms crossed he thought back to his childhood.

So let’s address a few things here, Cale kicked dirt into the fire; why? Was he leaving the camp sight, was someone watching for a campfire, was he frustrated?

Then, gazed out into the distance; is he fond of day dreaming, is he looking for something, or just enjoying the view?

And finally, With arms crossed he thought back to his childhood; so we have a little more to work with. Here he’s crossing his arms, still unsure if its frustration or the cold. How does he feel about his childhood. Obviously he’s not in a hurry so we can count out being hunted as a motive for snuffing the fire.
Closing Thoughts, does this whole scene provide us any useful information? Do we know anything more about Cale or his situation. Well we know he had a childhood and he has general fire safety understanding. This is an easy example to work with, it needs a lot of work and structure build around it to make it relevant. Then we get into a whole other question, do we care? We’ll leave that up for another time.

Thanks for reading!


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