Ok so I am a huge friend of the video game. This at some points has been my downfall. Tomorrow Blizzcon starts; the powerhouse behind World of Warcraft, Diablo I-III, and Starcrat I and II. So needless to say, it will be very likely my posts may be geared towards said event. Perhaps my favorite points so far, possibly some fan fiction or writing inspired by, or discussing things they did well to capture their audience. We’ll see. Also we may have something in the works of introducing another writer to the blog (oooh exciting). Hopefully this will add spice, dialogue, different styles and perspective, and the sort. I’ll keep you updated as this progresses.


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I am a man of many passions. God, my wife, and writing are just a few. I want to share with you humanity through literature. My two blogs are Sword in Hand and Real Time Religion. View all posts by moorewriting

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