Writing Roadblock #536

It sure feels like there are hundreds of reasons not to write. If it’s not the business of the day, trying to coax your muse into getting out of bed; then it’s the small voice of failure always keeping you one keystroke (or pen stroke) away.

But, today I want to share with you my little demon on my back lately. That is working harder on the story than your characters are.

Here comes the infomercial:

  • Are you up all night fighting with your plot and trying to get your characters to fit?
  • How about pushing them down dark alleys or into awkward conversations?

Billy Mays here and I have a solution for you!

Just kidding, it’s not that easy XD.

I tend to work way too hard worrying about my plot that my characters get all gummed up and all of the sudden I don’t know where to go next. The only solution I’ve found for this (though I’m sure there’s several) is change the scenery:

  • change characters
  • change the setting
  • change the conflict

Th really neat thing about this is that int he end you will have discovered your character even more so, and you have let them lead the way rather than forcing them into submission; and often times you will get actually usable content for your project. Don’t do what I do and get so hung up on the little, or big picture that you forget who your characters are.


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