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Elias Crouching

This is the lineart I have been working on for Elias, the main character in the Four Sons of the King series I’m writing.

Sinister Smirk


Snowy Regret Is Up!

First piece in a while hit me out of nowhere. It’s exciting when you get those muse moments and it’s go time. Hope you guys like it. It’s a small piece about a Lieutenant has to make a hard and unexpected decision. Follow the link!

Snowy Regret

New Piece

Today after a long hiatus I have returned. I wrote a short and incomplete piece in the Providence section under Four Sons of the King. The purpose was simply to run with a prompt I had in mind: the character leaves their cabin in the snow to find a blood trail. Whether this fits into the continuity of Arin’s actual story is undecided.

Also, I have been exploring the concept of the first-person writing style. So far I like it, it allows me to reveal the character’s personality more and it comes a bit more naturally somehow.


World Building

Hey readers, sorry for the hiatus. I have been doing some world building and doing a lot of thinking on the themes and overall feel of the series.

What does this mean for what is already out there?

As far as plot everything will pretty much stay intact. Just some minor tweaking further down the road when I’m editing. I’m going to put a sort of timeline up a little later when I have ironed out the kinks. I would love to have questions and input on that. I want to fill any gaping holes I have so when I’m writing the stories they have a natural and purposeful progression.


Thanks for hanging in there!

Elias’ Back

I have achieved my inspiration back! Though some of you may not be too pleased about it.

I changed scenery again. I put up a lengthy piece following Elias, the main character of the book Instinct; rather than Zoar who leads Apostasy. It’s an exciting mission he’s sent on; but for what is yet to be discovered.

This doesn’t mean Zoar is out. Only that I needed a change to renew the creative process. That’s the nice thing about working on multiple books at one time… I think. Undecided.

Oh well…

Now I ponder the wonders of sleep 😀

Happy reading readers!

Holidays Mostly Over= Writing Mostly Starting

Hey guys! I am glad that the holidays are over. I love seeing family, the general cheer, and of course celebrating Jesus; but the hectic chaos that comes along with that make me crazy. I wish it wasn’t quite as hyped up to be this shopping planning extravaganza, and we could stay simple and remember why we celebrate; I might have more hair after if it were that way. >.>

Either way, my excuses have ended and short of New Years (which should be somewhat low key) I am back on track. XD

I have set up my desk with some new goodies, unfortunately my laptop is in the crapper (will get that fixed soon) thank goodness for wives! I’m using her laptop, otherwise I would have to type all of the measly writing I get out on my iPad. Not easy.

So to start us off, I rested a lot on my last day off, and first day home since I’ve been out of town. Then I wrote a little blurb to get myself back in the groove, and so you know I’m not dead from writer’s block or finger exhaustion. It’s another piece on Zoar. I may have put something similar up earlier, but I wasn’t satisfied. I’ve really been thinking about her character and the dynamics between her and others. Enjoy! It’s Four Sons of the King>Apostasy.

Happy reading!


And the Journey Begins

Hello readers! I have something new and exciting to share with you; after some discussion and a little bit of planning my good friends Drew and I are going to collaborate on a piece of fiction. It will be called Verily (as of now, have not run this through with him) and it will be set in the Fray following the boy on his journey to fulfill his father’s calling, as his own. I hope you guys like it.

There will be no scheduled posts as we will be passing a notebook back and forth and I will be rewriting it on the blog after its been read through. Thanks for sticking with it! Watch the News link and Verily link.