Here’s a place welcome to the fantastical, the unusual, and the writing of the sort


Where to start?

News is about the latest musing or updates. I will keep this updated so the readers have an idea of what’s new and how things are going.

NaNoWriMo is where I am posting my minimum of 1667 words each day through all of November, check it out!

Four Sons of the King is my own personal fantasy series I’m working on. I’m working on getting all of my work up so it doesn’t seem so disconnected.

Concepts is where anything not directly plot oriented will reside; such as working out magic systems, characters, or writing practices.

About is pretty obvious, but it’s kind of the backbone of my writing, where I came from, what I like and other writers I’m involved with.


Thank you for stopping by, feel free to subscribe and leave a comment. I welcome any constructive criticism.

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